Garlic Crispy Pata

Classic Recipe
2018 Apr 20 12:00 |

Weekend get-togethers with the barkada is a must this summer. Wow your friends and your husband’s buddies with a home cooked Crispy Pata. Minola Coconut Cooking Oil is here to help you achieve this mouthwatering dish. Enjoy!

Serves 3-4 persons

Cooking Methods

  1. Clean Pork hind leg and boil until tender in water with all the ingredients
  2. Let cool and freee for 24hrs
  3. Do not thaw and deep fry over high heat until golden brown
  4. For Toppings, Cook garlic slowly in oil over medium heat
  5. Add whole or sliced Siling Labuyo (optional) during the last 30 seconds of cooking.

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