Suman Turon with Buco and Tsokalate Eh! Dip

Classic Recipe
2017 Mar 30 12:00 |

Bigyan ng Pinoy twist ang inyong family bonding. Between the all-time favorite suman and turon, saktong sakto ang Suman with Buco Turon dipped in Tsokolate Eh! para sa iba't ibang panlasa ng pamilya.

Serves 3-4 person

Cooking Methods

  1. Line a portion of the Lumpia Wrapper w/ Latik or Coco am and Buco Strips
  2. Lay over a roll of Suman of choice
  3. Wrap neatly with Lumpia Wrapper
  4. Pre-heat oil and deep fry Lumpia rolls until golden brown
  5. Use Tsokalate Eh! for dipping