Frequently Asked Questions

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2018 Apr 28 12:00 |

Why is coconut oil considered a healthy food?
Because it contains lauric acid (C12) and other medium chain fatty acids ([MCFAs]; C6, C8, C10).

What Is The Similarity Between Coconut Oil And Mother’s Milk?
Both coconut oil and mother’s milk contain medium chain triglycerides (MCTs). When MCTs are consumed, they are converted into MCFAs and medium chain monoglycerides, including monolaurin.

What Is The Health Benefit Of Lauric Acid & MCFAs?
MCFAs provide protection to humans against infections because of their anti-viral, anti-bacterial, and antimicrobial properties. When consumed, MCTs are sent directly to the liver and immediately converted to energy, instead of being stored as body fat. Long chain fatty acids are usually deposited as fat in the body.

Does Coconut Oil Contain Trans Fats?
Coconut oil has zero trans fats.

Does Coconut Oil Need Preservatives To Maintain Its Freshness?
No, because coconut oil is a stable cooking oil.

Is It Normal For Coconut Oil To Solidify In Cold Temperatures?
It is the natural characteristic of coconut oil to solidify when air temperature goes below 30 deg C. However, solidification does not affect the quality of coconut oil, and can be used for cooking as it immediately liquefies when heated.

Does Coconut Oil Contain Cholesterol? Does Coconut Oil Increase Cholesterol Levels?
Coconut oil is vegetable oil and does not contain cholesterol. Likewise, it does not increase cholesterol levels in the blood.

Does Coconut Oil Cause Obesity?
No, because coconut oil is not stored in body.